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Finding Childcare

At CPC, your child's safety is our top priority!

That's why we exclusively recommend licensed and registered childcare providers who meet the highest standards set by the state of New Mexico. 

Day Care

Whether you're seeking the warm embrace of a home-based daycare or the structured environment of a childcare center Community Partnership for Children (CPC) is your one-stop shop for finding the perfect fit for your little one.

Explore Your Options:

  • Home-Grown Network: Discover the nurturing havens of our licensed home-based providers, each offering unique learning experiences and personalized care.

  • LINKS Network: Immerse yourself in the vibrant environment of Grant County's top childcare centers, boasting dedicated teachers and engaging curriculum.

No matter your need, CPC provides the tools you need to make an informed decision:

  • Browse detailed profiles: Get to know each childcare provider's philosophy, schedule, and resources.

  • Read parent reviews: Gain valuable insights from families who've already found their perfect match.

  • Connect directly: Reach out to providers with any questions or to schedule a visit.

CPC is here to guide you every step of the way, from exploring options to finding the perfect fit for your family.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Setting

for Childcare


Center-Based vs. Home-Based 

You, as a parent, are an expert on your child and their development. You understand and grasp their individual needs and the kind of environment where they'll blossom. Selecting the perfect childcare isn't just about finding care, it's about finding an extension of the nurturing space you've already created. That's why we're here to support you in that crucial choice, every step of the way.

Both center-based and home-based childcare have their advantages and considerations. The choice is often dependent on factors such as the child's age, individual needs, preferences, and current availability.

Do you have a

childcare URGENCY?

We Can Help

Happy Girl

Center-Based Care: Nurturing Growth in a Fun & Structured Environment

Looking for a daycare with dedicated spaces, diverse activities, and qualified staff? Center-based care might be the perfect fit!


These facilities offer:

  • Structured learning: Age-appropriate activities & curriculum for development.

  • Team effort: Experienced caregivers support your child's individual needs.

  • Playful exploration: Designated spaces for imaginative fun & and outdoor adventures.

  • Peace of mind: Licensed & and regulated for safety and quality standards.

Mom And Baby Playing Together With Toys

Home-Based Care: A Warm, Personalized Choice for Your Little One


Looking for a family-like, flexible childcare option? Home-based care might be perfect!


Here's why families love it:

  • Cozy, personal setting: Small group sizes and a home environment nurture your child's individual needs.

  • Flexible schedules: Catered care that fits your busy life (early drop-offs, late pick-ups?).

  • Personalized attention: The caregiver can tailor activities and routines to your child's interests and development.

  • Safe and licensed: Choose registered or licensed providers for guaranteed safety and quality standards.

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