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The Home-Grown Network
for Childcare (HGNC)

Home Grown Network for Childcare no back

Want to Engage Your Inner Expertise?

Our goal is to GROW creativity and courage in budding professionals, inspiring them to reach for the stars with bold ideas, sharpened skills, and fresh perspectives.
Let's Soar Together!

Upgrade your Success:

Who Can Join: Home Childcare Providers in Grant County. 


Monthly Meetings: Sharing Knowledge and Building Connections

 Join our monthly meetings to connect with fellow home-based childcare providers. Share experiences, knowledge, and best practices to enhance your services. Learn from guest speakers and industry experts on relevant topics. Stay updated on the latest regulations and trends in childcare

Advocacy: Amplifying Your Voice

We are committed to advocating for the challenges faced by home-based childcare providers.

We work tirelessly to ensure your concerns and needs are heard by policymakers.

Together, we can influence positive change in the childcare industry.


Online Resources and Support

Access our comprehensive library of resources, including tips, templates, and guidelines to enhance your childcare business. Connect with other providers through our online forums and discussion boards. Receive support and guidance from experienced mentors in the field.

Must be a New Mexico registered or licensed childcare provider

or in CPC's HGNC Grow a Business Program

Empowering Early Childhood Professionals With the Tools for Success

 Join Our Network Today!

Receive a toolkit when you join the Home-Grown Network

(while supplies last)

Together, we can overcome challenges and create a brighter future for home-based childcare.

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CPC's Toolkit


inspires new ideas and encourages GROWTH


CPC is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Amplified Therapy! Together, we're amplifying support, education, and resources for our dedicated HGNC partners, ensuring every child in Grant County has the tools to thrive.

Growing Up New Mexico and CPC have created a strong partnership that encourages continuous education and certification to enhance the QUALITY of childcare in our community.  Together we aim to create a nurturing and enriching environment for every child in our community

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