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Start Your Home-Grown Business Today!

Up to $1,250
Startup incentive
after becoming



Hey there!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own family childcare business, CPC is here to help you make it happen! 🌱

Think of us as your partners in success. We’ll guide you through the process, from understanding the rules and getting certified to attracting families who need your care. Here’s how we can support you:

  1. Financial Sprout: We’ll give you a boost with start-up assistance and special incentives to help you get going.

  2. Business Blossom: Our experts will provide training and guidance to help you grow your skills and knowledge.

  3. Supportive Network: Connect with other home daycare providers and recharge your energy in our friendly community.

Let CPC transform your childcare dream into a vibrant reality. Launch your Home-Grown business today!

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Already a provider?

Need the Tools to Get Started?
HGNC Has Your Back!

HGNC doesn't just welcome you with open arms – we give you the tools and resources to thrive! That's why we offer up to $1,000 Start-Up Incentive to help kickstart your home-based childcare business. 


But it doesn't stop there!

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CPC's Toolkit


has everything you need to start your business!

Get Equipped for Success:

  • Start-Up Incentive: Registered providers will receive $500 and Licensed providers will receive $1000 (additional details and eligibility requirements applied). 

  • Home-Grown Toolkit: We provide a curated selection of developmentally-approved toys, ensuring engaging fun that sparks learning and growth.

  • Expert Guidance and Support: Our partners at Amplified Therapy don't just hand you tools, they show you how to use them! Get expert presentations on every toy in your toolkit, learning how to maximize their potential for supporting children's development.

  • Growing Up New Mexico's (GUNM) ESCALONES: As you enter into your business journey, our partner, GUNM will supply you with additional cash incentives, personalized coaching, and ongoing support. 

What are you waiting for?



CPC is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Amplified Therapy! Together, we're amplifying support, education, and resources for our dedicated HGNC partners, ensuring every child in Grant County has the tools to thrive.

Growing Up New Mexico and CPC have created a strong partnership that encourages continuous education and certification to enhance the QUALITY of childcare in our community.  Together we aim to create a nurturing and enriching environment for every child in our community

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