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The Family Leadership Team

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Empowering Family Voices: Welcome to the Family Leadership Team!

The Family Leadership Team (FLT) is your voice for families with young children in Grant County. Established by Community Partnership for Children in 2022, we're a diverse group of parents with children aged 0 to 5, united by a shared vision: building a thriving community where all families and children can flourish.


We believe in the power of collaboration and open dialogue. Through informal, meaningful conversations, we share support, knowledge, and valuable insights on the issues that matter most to families—everything from early childhood education to childcare resources and local events.

Who Can Join: Grant County parents with a child aged 0-5. Application required to join.  

Here's what you can do as part of our dynamic team: 

  • Shape the future: Your voice matters! Contribute to planning initiatives, advocating for families, and shaping programs that directly impact Grant County's youngest members. 

  • Connect with your community: Build meaningful relationships with other parents, share your experiences, learn from each other, and provide the support that all parents can benefit from.

  • Be a change-maker: Get involved! Dive into projects like our family resource Nurturing News Newsletter, or attend community events and trainings. Parents like you are the key to a thriving community! 

Bonus perk!

Attend FLT meetings and earn

$50 Incentive!

Show your dedication, and get rewarded.

Ready to join the movement? 

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