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The Learning Network for Kids (LINKS)

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Powered by CPC


The Learning Network for Kids (LINKS), powered by CPC, unites Grant County's diverse voices to ensure every child gets the best start in life.


Who Can Join: Center-based childcare facilities and organizations in Grant County.



  • Collaborating with professionals, from schools and health agencies to local businesses, all championing early childhood education.

  • Accessing expert resources and training to elevate your center's quality and impact.

  • Contributing to data-driven advocacy that shapes a brighter future for all children.


LINKS is your springboard to success!

Together, we'll nurture thriving programs serving young children and build a stronger, more vibrant future for Grant County's youngest learners.


Join The LINKS Network and connect childcare with quality TODAY!

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A Seed Planted, A Community Grown: 20 Years of Nurturing Grant County's Children with CPC and the LINKS Coalition


Back in 2003, our organization identified a gap: Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Grant County needed a champion to unite other organizations and identify critical needs in Grant County. Our journey began by empowering ECE providers, the superheroes of early childhood education. Five years later we launched The Learning Network for Kids (LINKS) to foster collaboration across our community.


Today, our network, which boasts 18 members and partners, unites diverse voices – from local, state, and national organizations, schools, home visiting programs, early intervention services, healthcare facilities, and childcare centers.


Together, we're cultivating a thriving early childhood landscape for all children, ages 0-5, across Silver City and the surrounding areas. With monthly meetings and shared resources, we're ensuring every ECE provider has the support to help children thrive in our communities. 

Ready to Nurture Little Dreams?

Discover your ideal ECE role with CPC's network. 

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