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Unleash the Power of Collaboration:
Join forces with CPC and Create a Winning Partnership!

Let's work together to establish a community that offers a wide range of childcare options!

Whether you run a program that holds a treasure of resources, or you simply want to enhance early childhood education, join hands with CPC! We're building a vibrant community to nurture our youngest learners and your collaboration matters.


Here's how you can be part of the growth:

  • Share your expertise: Have a program bursting with potential? We'd love to connect you with families and fellow providers.

  • Fuel the learning flame: Got invaluable resources for early childhood care or education? Share your knowledge and empower families.

  • Join the collaborative circle: Partner with us to create a tapestry of enriching experiences and programs for our little ones.


And because even the brightest stars need a little boost, we're always grateful for:

  • Donations: Help us spread the seeds of learning and laughter further.

  • Volunteer support: Lend your time and talents to fuel this growing community.


Together, let's make early childhood education an adventure of endless possibilities!


Visualize the Importance of Collaboration

CPC has teamed up with several local entities that want to support our young ones. 

Visualize the Importance of Collaborative Partnerships

CPC has teamed up with several local entities that want to support our young ones. This partnership developed a pilot year-round program for children. The pilot begins with afterschool and summer fun for ages 6-12, Kid Space will soon grow to embrace the birth-to-five crowd too!


How they contribute to the partnership:

  • Town of Silver City (TOSC)TOSC played a vital role in providing funding to launch the childcare program and continues to provide financial assistance as needed. Additionally, TOSC receives revenue as a licensed provider and accepts childcare assistance from the state. Currently, TOSC is providing transportation. Eventually, the program will be moved to the new recreation center, which is set to begin construction in 2024.

  • Western New Mexico  University (WNMU)- As the program childcare provider, they are in charge of directing the curriculum, managing the staff, and overseeing program operations. The program will be operated under the NM Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Education.

  • Southwest Council of Governments- Supporting with guidance and resources to achieve the goal of locating funding and supporting overall program growth. Offering the knowledge and assistance necessary for funding and advocacy efforts.

  • Silver Consolidated Schools- Allowed utilization of their school including a classroom and gym, during the pilot. Schools are looking into providing transportation in the future if the need presents itself. The program has now been moved to the Matinez building on the WNMU campus, but the schools continue to provide support in advertising and encouraging the use of the program.

  • The Commons-The organization is dedicated to providing snacks for children. Additionally, they have expressed their willingness to offer a produce stand if families require one. 

  • Community Partnership for Children- From funding and location acquisition to training and development, handling the organization and start-up and continuation of the collaboration. We will also provide ongoing facilitation of meetings, training sessions, and support to ensure that the partnership continues to grow and thrive.

Spring 2024 Kids Space.png

Our Family Leadership Team recognized the need for support and proposed this partnership. We are excited to launch this pilot program, which provides afterschool and summer activities for children aged 6-12. Kid Space will continue to expand and will soon cater to infants and toddlers as well.

Kids Space.png
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