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Our Mission: Our mission is to provide children in need with the care, support, and protection they deserve, and our vision is to see a world where every child is happy, healthy, and thriving.


At Community Partnership for Children, we believe that every child deserves a bright future.

Our goals focus on supporting children, families, and communities to create a positive and nurturing environment for all. Contact us today to learn how you can help us make a difference in the lives of children and families everywhere.

Our Vision:We believe every child deserves early care and education at the highest standards. We educate and advocate for sustainable policies and practices that are beneficial to all those serving young children.


Our Goals


CPC partners with childcare providers and educators provide childcare outside of the tradition school-day and schoolyear.


Support Home-Based

CPC has established a supported process for potential home-based childcare providers to understand and complete the requirements of the New Mexico licensed or registered application to open and operate a childcare business.


Build Coalition

CPC continues to look for funding on the local, state, and national level to fund the continuation of the important work we do.


Build the Capacity of ECE Partners

CPC collaborates with partners to provide high quality, accessible, and affordable ECE programs for families of children ages birth to five in Grant County.  


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