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Center-Based Childcare
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Kids in Preschool

Worried about finding safe, nurturing care for your precious little one? Look no further!

Center-based childcare professionals provide support and care for children in childcare centers and classrooms. Because the first five years of a child’s life inform much of their foundational brain development, childcare professionals have an essential role to play in supporting healthy growth and learning.


There are many different kinds of child care programs and child care professionals may care for a variety of different age groups, from infants to toddlers to older children in after-school programs.

Finding Childcare Just Got Easy: CPC is Your Guide to
Grant County's Best!

Licensed Childcare Centers in Grant County

Find Licensed and Accredited Childcare Today-
Because Your Child's Well-Being is Our Top Priority!


In New Mexico, children in licensed childcare settings are 3 times less likely to experience neglect or abuse compared to those in unlicensed care, according to a 2021 study by the New Mexico Child & Youth Bureau.


This means finding quality, licensed, or registered care can drastically reduce your child's risk of harm. Let's work together to ensure their safety and well-being.


Explore our resources to find the perfect licensed childcare option for your family.

Source: New Mexico Child & Youth Bureau: 2021 Child Maltreatment Report: <invalid URL removed> (Page 15, Table 8: Rates of Maltreatment by Placement Setting)

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