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The Community Partnership for Children would like to thank everyone that donated to us through Give Grandly. Thank you for helping us continue to fulfill our mission of helping children and families throughout our learning community. 

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Mission Statement

CPC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote excellence in the care and development of infants and young children


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The Community Partnership for Children is looking to fill several positions for our Learning Community. Positions include: teaching assistants and substitutes teachers. For more information please contact us at 


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 Early Childhood Services in Grant County  COVID-19 Updates

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***Families of first responders, medical staff, and essential workers needing child care - Contact Local CYFD representative Vicente Castillo (575) 538-0259 to see if you qualify for childcare assistance under "at-risk" clause ***

​Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD) issued revised health and safety guidelines for use during the COVID-19 emergency. Click Here

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Early Childhood Learning Communities in Rural Areas

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The Community Partnership for Children would like to congratulate Terry Anderson and Anita Rios for being selected to the Early Childhood Education and Care Department's Advisory Council.